New Account Access and Login Information

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Student ID #: 9191910 Name: Student T. Test BC Email Address:

Dear Student,

The IT Center welcomes you to Bridgewater College! This email is to introduce you to your BC account so you can be up and running before arriving on campus.

Instructions for activating your account:

  1. Visit the password reset link:
  1. Enter your FULL Bridgewater email address: and the characters in the picture or audio then click next.
  1. The screen will now show an obscured version of the alternative email address we have on file. Select the "Email" option which will send a verification code to this email address:
  1. Copy the code from your email into the textbox on the verification screen and click next to complete the process.
  1. After your account has been verified, you will set your initial password to access your BC account: Passwords must meet our complexity requirements:
  • Must be at least 10 characters in length
  • Contain three of the following four items:
    • Lowercase Character
    • Special Character
    • Number
    • Uppercase Characters

6. Set up your Bridgewater Security Profile at A guide on how to set up your Bridgewater Security Profile can be found here.

You are set to access your Bridgewater Gmail account and other campus resources. Feel free to begin using your email and let family and friends know how to contact you.

The next and final step is to access your Welcome to BC, Incoming Student page on Canvas. Please log into for more information on next steps as well as to access Self-Service for Financial Aid information, statements and academic information (Note: your schedule will not be available until closer to the start of your term).

To access your Canvas Welcome to BC, Incoming Student page visit:

To access email visit:

If you have questions, please contact the Bridgewater College Help Desk at 540-828-4357 or email

Kind Regards, The Bridgewater College IT Center

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