Taking Math Placements in Canvas

Taking Math Placements in Canvas

Please make sure you have completed Module 1: Canvas Resources and Module 2: IT Center before trying to access the Math Placement Modules. For more information please read the Accessing Your Placement Tests-Placements are "locked" guide. 

1.   Once you click on the name of the placement test you want to complete, a window will appear with the details of the placement test and the time limit. Click on “Begin”.



2.   One question will appear at a time. The quiz navigation is on the left side of the page and the timer is shown at the top of the screen.  The question and answer choices are in the middle of the page.

 details of where to find items while taking the math placement


3.   Answer the question and click “Next” located in the lower right corner under the question area.

4.   If you are unsure of an answer, leave the question blank and you can come back to this question later.

5.   As you continue through the placement test, you can get to the previous question by clicking on “Previous” in the lower left corner of the question area.

previous button

6.   On the last question, click on “Submit” in the lower right corner of the question area.

A picture containing drawing

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7.   If you left any questions blank, a window pops up to inform you there are unanswered questions.


A screenshot of a cell phone

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8.   You can return to the attempt by clicking “Cancel” on the pop-up window to return to the test.

9.   Once all questions are answered and you are ready to submit, a window will pop-up once again asking you to confirm you want to submit. You cannot change any answers once the test is completed.

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10.                The test will be auto-graded and submission feedback will appear. 

results screen after submitting placement test

11.                You can go to Grades to view your score for the placement test. 

grades page in Canvas showing results of math placements

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