Information for All New Employees

Below are some resources you will need as you get started as a new employee of Bridgewater College!

Checking your email from MyBC:

Here is more information about how to check your email from MyBC, the "hub" of information.

Parking Permits:

For more information regarding registering for a parking permit for Bridgewater College, please read the following article.

Registering for Emergency Alerts:

This article guides you through registering your device for emergency alerts.

Adding a Signature to your email:

Bridgewater College would like everyone to have the same signature on emails. Below are directions on how to add the Bridgewater College signature to your email in Outlook (desktop/laptop version) and Outlook Webapp (linked to MyBC).

Accessing your Email from your smartphone:

These directions explain how to get your Bridgewater College email synced to your smartphone.

To change and/or reset your password:

You will need to change your password on a regular basis and when you feel that your password has been compromised. Passwords cannot contain your name and need to contain 10-15 characters and upper case letters, number, and/or special character. To change you password, please go to

ID Card Photo Submission

The GET app allows you to upload your photos for your ID card photo. Go to click on the link for Faculty, Staff, and Students and login. On the right side, choose upload ID photo. Once we get your submission, we will print your ID Card and get it to you as soon as possible.

Remote Access to a College Computer Environment:

Some applications and software (Colleague, DocuWare, Informer, etc.) require that users be on campus to be able to successfully log in. The virtual lab environment is a remote connection that allows you to still be able to access these applications and software from anywhere off campus. There are two ways to connect to the virtual lab environment: either from a web browser or Mac computer. If you are accessing the virtual lab environment from a web browser, Chrome is the preferred browser as all of the applications and software in the virtual lab environment have been tested using Chrome. Please use the links below to learn how to connect to the virtual lab environment:

Web browser 

Mac computers

Wireless WiFi:

Wireless is provided to all students, faculty, and staff on campus. BCSecureWiFi is our secure network for your personal laptop, tablet, and/or smartphone. BCWifi is our network for gaming devices, smart TVs, streaming devices, and guests.


Box gives you unlimited cloud storage and the ability to access your files from any device with Wifi connection and the Box app installed on smart phones and tablets. Collaboration is easily done through file and folder sharing and the integration with Office Online. Box is another great option for backing up files.

Free Office 365:

Microsoft Office 365 is available for free installation on up to 5 devices for Bridgewater College students, staff, and faculty for PCs and Macs.

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