IT Information for New Faculty Members

The information here is more targeted towards new Faculty members. However, staff may still find the links and information in this section useful depending on their responsibilities here at the college.

Student Device Requirement-BYOD Policy:

Bridgewater College has a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy for students. The College provides Microsoft Office for both PC and Macs free of charge. Virtual computer labs have been created for students to access the campus core software, such as Mathmatica and SPSS. Here is more information regarding the BYOD policy and purchasing guide:


Akademos is the online textbook store where faculty adopt the textbooks that are needed for courses. Students will visit this site to find out what textbooks need to be purchased for courses. Students can purchase books from Akademos.

Canvas- Learning Management System:

Canvas is the primary learning management for Bridgewater College. Here is a collection of Canvas resources:

Instructional Design at BC:

Emily Goodwin, the Director of Instructional Design, has a website for resources and how-tos. Please visit the site for resources.

Digital Scholarship Gurus:

The Digital Scholarship Gurus are trained Bridgewater College students working with the IT Center. They strive to educate Bridgewater’s campus by implementing digital media strategies because of their passion for digital media providing a deeper insight into innovative ways of thinking. They offer design suggestions, how-tos, and host workshops. Please visit their site for more information.



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